The Practice of Immediacy in the Arts® (PIA) is a very deep experiential practice, in which opening to not knowing, including and expressing what one is aware of as it shows up (whether it's contradictory or doesn't make sense), expressing expectations as they are occurring, following a creative flow if it emerges, enables one to give expression to the immediacy of the moment. At times a creative flow is all that is present. But most of the time the raw, messy, intimate cacophony of Now is what emerges during PIA. Those wishing to learn the practice usually need guidance in the beginning.

As an artist practicing with PIA, I have found that I paint in ways I could never have imagined and new vistas of exploring PIA continue to open and teach me. I have divided my work into PIA and PIA+. PIA pieces are pure Practice of Immediacy while in a creative flow and were never worked on again. PIA+ pieces originated in PIA and then were further developed.

The Practice of Immediacy in the Arts is best learned by direct experience. To learn about retreats where PIA is available, please go to the TTZC.org website to see the yearly retreat schedule. For people who are not able to attend retreats or who do not have a meditation practice, please get in touch.