The Voice of PIA

I wondered what PIA would say if the practice had a voice. As I'm trained in Voice Dialogue, a trans-cultural psycho-spiritual approach to consciousness, I moved to the voice of PIA and below is what emerged:

I flow through all media expressing fleeting moments of Now that can't be grasped ---------gone ------------ each moment of time dissolved, only a shadow can ever be seen ---- a moment here or there, a cut of wood, a guitar string becomes an airplane's roar. The whole universe is my playground --- expand beyond your horizons --- let awareness fill the page with sounds, shapes, color, words --- in syntax, out of syntax, scribbled letters of all different sizes and shapes.....and if a creative flow emerges, follow it, surf the waves(s), not knowing where they take your writing instrument.

Space is filled with forms, forms are full of space. The room you are in is mainly space—include space. Wherever awareness perceives/alights.....just color/sound/shape/form/words/beads/wood/clay/movement ............. however your media and awareness flow: not two and two. Everything included. Every moment equal to the next. Timeless, formless...... taking shape as form in time. Who knows what will emerge. knowing.........bearing witness to the cacophony of Now. An ephemeral moment, never to be repeated.....eternal.

I'm the immediacy of experience flowing through creative forms. I'm awareness, I shift between sensations, emotion, airplanes, laughter, perception, refrigerator motor, clocks—judgment, confusion, toilet flushing, flowing........ sometimes moving fast, sometimes slow, sometimes not moving at all. The end......for now

I'm full of possibility, I can change direction at any time and am not bound by antiquated ideas of how to produce art.

I'm awareness practice that's alive, vital, active. I'm not limited by being stiff. I like to engage with all that 'is' in my environment. I'm fun, playful, scared, dark, depressed—moods go up and down. I'm the earth and her creatures and their creations, making sounds grrrrr, bzzzzzzzzzzzzz, shhmr—I move like wind and follow what captures my attention giving shape, form, color (sometimes) to the unknown mystery that emerges in each fleeting, infinite moment. I'm not held back by fear, flow, outcome—I play in the flowing, limitless field of Now.

Sometimes choosing a color to plop on the paper/canvas is where to begin plop, plop someone is walking across the floor. Starting with colors you're drawn to—squirt some on a tray then express the emerging moment. Inside or outside makes no difference, include what unfolds. If awareness is speeding along ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^================________________^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ------- if awareness is slower and more specific, that too. Fear—what color, shape is it? Include the color/line/shape of repressing too.

The field of infinity is vast, boundless, boundlessly inclusive. Include whatever 'self' ideas emerge (self-judgment, opinions, concepts) scribble them any place and any size on the canvas/paper. If you limit yourself, compare, compete—give color/line/form/sound/movement to that too. The outcome is not the piece, it's you. You are teaching yourself to open wide, to dance.

When a creative flow is present, follow it......enjoy. When it's done, is another surface ready to capture the unfiltered moment?
No matter what media, these are snapshots of Now.