a boy and a man try PIA

When my grandson was 10, I asked him if he wanted to see what the practice of immediacy in the arts (PIA) was about; he said, "sure".  He chose the medium he wanted to work in -- colored pens. 

I was blown away by how natural it was for him to apply the PIA guiding instructions.  He was like a funnel.  Seeing what came through him, touched my heart.

Much of my life's work has been helping people find bridges to their greater capacities; sharing PIA is one of those bridges.  

Here's an example:  There was a man in his 50's at the last retreat who is a computer engineer.  He wanted to try PIA.  He selected a paint medium for his 3' by 2' paper surface, as well as a ruler and a protractor.  I said, " Why don't you put the ruler and protractor where you can see them but not use them so you can try something new?" 

I stayed with him for a while, got him anchored in the directions, and pretty soon, he just took off.  He never used the ruler, never used the protractor, and at the end he said, "You know, I want to start doing PIA at home."

The above is an edited excerpt from a Voice of America interview, for the full interview go to:    https://www.voiceamerica.com/s...

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