Creating the Creative Space

Most of the time, being creative doesn’t just happen.

Even if it’s flowing out of you, there’s still the vulnerability, the fear, the doubt, the reluctance to begin or continue.  The Practice of Immediacy includes all of these experiences, but still I wondered what would happen if I prepared for entering the physical space where I'd be working.

I wanted to draw my attention more fully to the creative expression about to unfold.

Would such preparation make a difference?

I walked into the room playing a melodious instrument, lit a candle and spoke my intention to open to what was present and invited creativity to enter the space.

A calmness, sense of anticipation and play began emerging.

My attention was fully engaged and I experienced more flow with my medium.

At the end I closed the creative space with an expression of gratitude, blew out the candle and left the room playing the melodious instrument.

I'll continue my experiment exploring variations for 'creating the creative space' and see what happens.

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