Creative Blocks

Creativity wants to move and when it doesn’t or can’t there is something blocking that flow, like a genie contained in a bottle.

What creates the walls that block the flow?

Desire for the perfect piece or greatness
Lack of skill
Physical shut down
Muddled intention (not creating space or time to be creative)

The list is very long.  

So many have tangled with the heavy blanket of creative paralysis.  

It’s a dark and moody place that can feel like a black hole sucking life force into it, with no escape.
I’ve known this place.

But then I found a way through.  Rather than succumb to the paralysis, give color, shape, form, words, movement to the ‘block.' 

The Practice of Immediacy (click on Videos above, also read Instructions) is a way through.  The practice includes fear, overwhelm, desire for the perfect piece, greatness, lack of skill, beliefs, physical sensations, and everything else in your environment within and without.  

By including the 'block,' incorporating it as part of your creative expression, the energy begins to flow.

When the genie is out of the bottle, the creative energy can be full of surprises and move
in directions you might not have thought of before.

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