not knowing

“Not knowing is the most intimate,”  is a famous Zen koan detailing the essence of not knowing.  There are many ways to be intimate with others, with life, but not knowing is the ‘most intimate.’

Why?  Your attention is here now.

Not knowing cultivates awareness of and openness to our ever-changing, immediate experience.

When applied to the practice of immediacy in the arts, the beginning guideline is: to open to not knowing.  

This means to come from an attitude of openness, not holding to ideas and knowledge.
Not knowing is like looking into a fog and seeing what emerges or like an open sky where everything is passing through.  

Whether using our hands to write, do art, play music or use our body for dance/movement, opening to not knowing cultivates our attention and our creative capacity for openness and change. It encourages our creativity to dance with the unknown -- we don’t know what creative expression will emerge.

— not knowing is the most intimate

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