"This nothing is left out moment"

Right Now,  everything is occurring simultaneously, nothing is left out:   the earth, the solar system, the milky way galaxy are all co-existing out to the farthest reaches of the expanding universe.  

All-together…..interwoven……nothing is left out.

Discovering the creativity inside this ‘nothing is left out’ moment is what PIA is about.
You can discover creative expression you’ve never thought of before.

One example of this kind of discovery happened with “A Way Through:”
I began by using the PIA directions and a creative flow emerged. Two hours later, I had goosebumps looking at the finished piece. Hands reaching up to shadowy, militant looking figures, oblivious to the needs below -- like the migrations happening around the         world, and the fear that many people are experiencing on both sides.  This PIA painting captures, for me, the agony of displacement.

A path in grey and turquoise runs through the lower third of the painting — a path of hope, compassion and a possibility that there’s a solution that has not yet emerged.

Compassion toward the suffering of others can bring forth the best in us, in small and big ways.

This PIA creative discovery emerged by:
    opening to not knowing
    including everything in awareness within and without
    following a creative flow

The unknown is discovered and becomes tangible in this 'nothing is left out moment.'

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