What Does Pie have to do with Pi?



Pi is one of the most recognizable mathematical symbols in the world:  the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, commonly approximated as:

Why even talk about Pi? 

It’s a symbol with no barriers across race, ethnicity, gender, languages, country, time.

Pi is an irrational number as the digits extend to infinity. As of 2014 the record for
calculating Pi is beyond 12.1 trillion digits.

So here’s a symbol that:

      has been studied for almost 4,000 yrs by cultures all over the globe

      everyone can recognize

      represents infinity

      is extraordinarily simple and elegant

      brings order to complex mathematical concepts that influence our world

π emerged in the above painting, using the practice of immediacy in the arts (see http://practiceofimmediacy.com/pia-videos).  I call the painting Pi

For me the symbol π represents infinity and infinitesimal moments constantly unfolding -- beginningless and endless.

In these chaotic times π can remind us about:  

    the timeless in the midst of our everyday lives

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14, at 1:59am.  Why that date?  Two reasons:

    3/14 1:59  =  3.14159
    Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879

So have a piece of pie — the current way to celebrate Pi!  


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