Elahe Mehrel PIA

Paintings by Elahe using Practice of Immediacy in the Arts. This is what Elahe had to say about her process for 'Cat Scan of the Mind':

Dear Nicolee;
I really wanted to thank you for what PIA did for me today. I had a guest, so I could not get to my room, where my paint brushes were, so I just grabbed a charcoal and a few color pencils and one brown chalk & put your training video on and followed your direction. I had no energy today and felt depressed and lethargic.

It could be my anxiety  because on Friday I have a CATscan and being a little hypo-chondriac , I was fearing the worst.

At first the drawing was just some awful black incoherent mess, then I started finding the flow, after your directions stopped, I replayed it 3 times and I continued listening to my fear, my joy of expression, my humor that was coming up!