Robert Althouse PIA

"I have been exploring PIA and PIA+ through digital art on my computer. I use a walcom tablet and several software programs - mostly Painter12 and Photoshop. I sometimes clone images which I then mix with my painting process to create something. I also sometimes do smaller works on an iPad. The digital medium is rich with possibilities, and offers me an excellent mirror to reflect back to me whatever is arising in my current experience. I try to use the PIA as a visual journal on a daily basis when I am able, by doing short 5 or 10 minute sketches. As a Zen teacher, I also use PIA during meditation retreats for myself and my students and am extremely pleased and often surprised at how this process deepens the meditation experience as well. I'm very grateful to Nicolee for having discovered this process and developed a way to teach it to others." Robert Joshin Althouse Roshi